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Become a PELI PRO

You can be a firefighter, a police officer, a creative film-maker, a sportsman or an outdoor enthusiast - It doesn’t matter! Also, if you have a humanitarian or scientific mission or simply you are part of an rescue or emergency team, we would like to hear from you!

Peli's product range is as diverse as the lives of PELI PROs.

Find out more below.*** 


Send us the completed form below and you will receive a confirmation email. Please be sure to include at least one of the social media profiles below when submitting the form.

Who can become a PELI PRO?

We love to see authentic pictures and videos of our products “in action” across all our marketing channels, proving the uncompromising protection of our cases even under the toughest conditions on Earth. Therefore, to be considered for a brand ambassadorship, there are a few requirements you should meet:

  • You must be passionate about PELI products
  • You must be aligned with PELI’s mission and values
  • You must have a solid and professional looking social media presence and an engaged following
  • You must have ideas for authentically spreading the word – through pictures, videos and/or social media initiatives
  • If you are already a brand ambassador or influencer for other brands, that could be a plus

More than a brand, PELI is a lifestyle! - Help us spread the word

If you’ve been accepted to the PELI PRO program, we will send you one of our products of your choice. In return we will ask you to generate and share content for us, which can be posts, HD pictures, videos, stories, highlights, or product reviews.

Keep in mind that we prefer quality over quantity. Some new engaging content every now and then in different settings is what we value the most.

We are looking for long-lasting collaborations, so when we receive returns in terms of visuals, we will be happy to send you new products.

How to become part of the PELI PRO program

The first step, is to complete the form you’ll find on this page. After you've signed up, our team will look into your profiles to get an idea of what you do and to see if you meet the aforementioned program requirements.

If all the requirements are met, we will send you an additional program agreement form in which we will ask you to authorize us to use the content you supply us (pictures, videos, posts, etc.) for our marketing activities.

So, with that said, if you think you are the type of ambassador we’re looking for, don’t wait any longer and apply now! We are looking forward to your application and hopefully soon you will form part of the exclusive Peli PRO team!

***Due to the current worldwide crisis, the Brand Ambassador program has been temporarily put on hold. We expect to be able to restart the program in due course. For now, you’re still welcome to apply by submitting the form above. However, it make take some time for us to get back to you. We’ll get in touch with you as soon as the program has been restarted.