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Get rapid deployment to any emergency: Field hospital med chests & portable field desks

Medical Chests store various items, from small tools to medical supplies for field hospitals


Impervious to weather, temperature and impact - Peli medical chests' rotationally molded shell keeps all your supplies dry, dust free, and secure. There's ample storage room for all your bulk items such as gauze, solvents, large prescription bottles and IV fluids. Rest assured that all your medical supplies will be secure, organized and at arms reach.


Field Desks for emergency centers in field hospitals and check-in points



When duty calls and the paperwork is piled a mile high, these lightweight, watertight and chemical-resistant rotomolded Field Desk Cases are your answer. These field desks fold into one durable shipping container to become mobile in an instant. Pack in the optional Office Supplies Kit and your desk arrives ready for action.